Virtual Health Ministry



First Baptist Church is part of the Leadership Council for Healthy Communities’ Virtual Health Ministry (VHM). This program coordinates an alliance of concerned District citizens to prioritize the needs of our most vulnerable populations under the leadership of faith institutions with a focus on providing access to urgent medical care, social services and COVID 19 specific education.  First Baptist Church is actively contacting church members for participation in this program.  However, participants do not have to be a member of First Baptist Church to receive services.  

The Virtual Health Ministry (VHM) program provides outreach, education, screening, social support, treatment and linkage to care; creates a centralized registry of resident members of the faith-based community as well as our broader neighborhoods in the Washington Metropolitan area; facilitates prevention and treatment during a public health event such as COVID-19 and is a basis to addresses health care disparities going forward, and provides employment opportunities for displaced workers who best know their communities.

The VHM outreach and care coordination program will support vulnerable residents during the COVID-19 public health pandemic and is comprised of the following components.  

  • A virtual health ministry is a care team staffed with a member of the church serving as a Health Ministry Coordinator (HMC) managing the connection of the person in need with a dedicated Social Worker (Navigator) and physician/NP referral network.
  • The Health Ministry Coordinator links participants to a medical network for telemedicine services for medication refills, COVID19 screening or primary care; or a Navigator for social service needs.
  • The VHM Care Team are trained to culturally engage with residents and conduct telephone assessments focused on the physical, mental health and social health status needs; to supply credible education and linkages.  

Valerie Ducker and Barbara Dryden Stanard are the Virtual Health Ministry Coordinators for First Baptist Church and can be reached on 202-765-2513, if you need assistance.