Circle Ministry

Guided by the Circle Strategic Planning Committee:

Sis. Valerie Ducker
Deaconess Barbara Mickens
Deaconess Naomi Rembert
Deaconess Linda Taylor

Each Circle is comprised with the following Officers:

  • Circle Leader
  • Assistant Circle Leader
  • Educational Advisor
  • Service Advisor

Many Circles are blessed with the talents, services and resources of Circle Aides.

Twelve circles which have been organized by geographical location or zip codes. The names of the circles, geographic locations and Circle Leaders are listed below.

Mary & Martha 20001-20003 Sis. Terri Hunter-Echols
Joy 20004-20010 Deaconess Pamela Robinson
Peace 20011 – A (1056-4317) Sis. Bessie Best
Praise 20011 – B (4501-5943) Sis. Brenda “BJ” Washington
Joshua 20011 – C (5944-8400) Bro. Orlanzo Chappell
Love 20012-20017 Sis. Vallie Jones
Grace 20018 – 20090
20110-23860 (VA)
Sis. Valerie Ducker
Ruth 20610-20746 Deaconess Dorothy W. Johnson
Faith 20717-20746 Sis. Delores Jones
Hope 20747-20774 Sis. Geraldine Washington
Solomon 20775-20832 Trustee Tracina Toliver
Wisdom 20833-20713 Sis. Barbara McLaughlin