Youth Ministry

Develops the youth of our congregation and of the greater community to be spiritually and socially prepared to meet and overcome life challenges. The ultimate goal is that each youth will discover and manifest God’s will and plan for their lives.

Youth Coordinator – Sis. Kareema C. Robinson

Assistant Coordinators – Bro. Leroy Wade and Sis. Gleniss Wade

Youth Minister – Min. Reginald Williams, Jr.

The above leadership is charged with coordinating the Youth Ministries to fulfill the established vision: “FBC Youth Ministry is a spiritual village challenged to enhance academic, social, spiritual and life skills which maximizes individual human potential and the fulfillment of Divine purpose.”
Each ministry is encourage to help the youth share time and talent in each program which fosters growth for the youth involved. Each ministry must respect the contribution of other ministries and work to support the efforts of each other. Remember we are a village and are not to work as though we are alone. The effectiveness of each ministry is important for our collective success.

Youth Arts – Sis. Anne Hawthorne, Director

Choral Speakers – Sis. Dana Foney
Liturgical Dancers – Sis. Illyishah Robinson
Second Sunday Preparation – Sis. Monica Watson

This ministry challenges each youth to develop his or her talents in the arts, including but not limited to drama, dance, creative writing, and public speaking. In addition, this ministry is designed to promote cultural development and spiritual enrichment.

Youth Ushers – Sis. Yvonne Murphy
This ministry helps youth become aware of the importance of participating in worship and develop an opportunity for service and spiritual growth. They are trained to develop “doorway” friendship skills. Their role is to greet people entering the service, seat attendees, keep order at the entrance, collect the tithes and offering, distribute bulletins and other service programs as needed.

Jr. Deaconess – Sis. Yvonne Harris
Under the direction of adult deaconess, these young ladies, must commit themselves individually and collectively to serve the Lord in a spiritual leadership role in the church. They are trained on matters related to church leadership, church spirituality and healthy life goals.

Jr. Deacons – Min. Reggie Williams
Under the leadership of the adult deacon board, these young males are trained in the duties and responsibilities of a deacon such as: how to lead devotion, open the doors of the church, collect tithes and offering, and pray as needed. They must commit themselves individually and collectively to serve the Lord in a spiritual leadership role in the church. They must be committed to leading a healthy physical and spiritual life.

Youth Missionaries – Sis. Michelle Debose
This ministry assist youth in developing an appreciation for and readiness to serve others while seeking to embrace them with the saving love of Jesus Christ. In conjunction with our adult missionaries, this ministry provides opportunities to give christian service to others. Youth Missionaries evangelize the work of the church, carry a gospel of comfort and deliverance to the sick, elderly and needy as directed.

Children Choir – Sis. Darlene Williams, Director
(Meets 1st and 2nd Saturday before each second Sunday at 12pm
Serves every 2nd Sunday at 10:50am service)

Develop and nurture musical talents and promote opportunities for worship and spiritual growth through music. Minister to congregation during services as assigned and directed. On occasion may be asked to render services at off-site locations.

Girl Scouts:  2nd and 4th Saturdays 10 am for Cadettes 10:30 am all other troops (Daisies, Brownies, Junior, Seniors and Ambassadors)

Girl Scouts – Sis. Terri Echols, Coordinator
(Meets 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month, Sep-Jun)

Daisies – Sis. Yvonne Harris, Sis. Novella Bridges

Brownies – Sis. Kareema Robinson, Sis.Terri Echols, Sis. Gynette McMillan, Sis. Jasmine Williams

Juniors – Sis. Geraldine Washington, Sis. Karen Mickens, Sis. Stephanie

Cadettes – Sis. Charlena Brooks, Sis. Cheryl Gooding

Seniors/Ambassadors – Sis. Patricia Walton, Sis. Mary Martin, Sis. Yvonne
Provide well-rounded activities for educational, cultural, recreational and social experiences which foster healthy life-styles. Work in coordination and cooperation with FBC youth ministry and the Girl Scout Council of the Nations Capital.

College Prep – Sis. Marilyn Thomas, Sis. Sheron Spann, Coordinators
(Meets 4th Sunday after 10:50am service, Sep-Jun)

Facilitate student preparation for academic growth and foster the process that will enable them to enter college, if so desired or reach other post high school.

God’s Call to Excellence (Tutoring) – Sis. Barbara McLaughlin
(Scheduled as needed)
This ministry focuses on supporting academic excellence for all students by offering homework and subject assistance. Students are supported in developing good study habits and encouraged to do their best in school.

Total Youth Experience –  Every 4th Saturday 12 noon – 3 pm – All Youth Leader

This ministry provides opportunities for youth to experience activities for healthy educational and recreational development. It exposes youth to wholesome fellowship, spirituality and creativity. It is a creative outreach ministry to our community at large featuring games, contests, arts and crafts and other activities for ages 6-18.