Communion Sunday 10 AM November 6 2022

First Baptist Church
Rev. Dr. Frank D. Tucker, Senior Pastor
Order of Service
Communion Sunday

November 6, 2022

Worship Leader/Invocation – Rev. Nancy Knight

Music Ministry – FBC Young Adults Come thou Fount, Robert Robinson

Scripture – Rev. Nancy Knight

Prayer – Deacon Kenneth Brooks, Sr   

Prayer Response – FBC Young Adults My Response, Phil Thompson

Announcements – Deaconess Barbara Watson-Mickens

Music Ministry – FBC Young Adults  A God Like you – Kirk Franklin
There is None like you / No Greater Love

Message – Rev. Emmett S. Young, III 

Invitation to Discipleship/Offertory Appeal – Rev. Emmett S. Young, III

Reading of the Church Covenant – Rev. Emmett S. Young, III

Communion/Benediction – Rev. Frank D. Tucker

Closing Hymn – Oh, What’s He’s done for me