Pastor 2016 Fasting Message

Dear Christian Friends:

I know you will join me as I give thanks and praise to God for delivering and sustaining us, through a challenging year.  Between the recent shootings in San Bernadino, California, the ongoing war on terrorism and the gentrification escalating in our communities and neighborhoods, we have much to pray for.  I am challenging the FBC family to daily seek the presence of God through a commitment of  praying and fasting.

Certainly we also know the fact that we’re still here, means God still has work for us to do in “HIS” enterprise of Kingdom building. Therefore, as Christians, I believe God has placed a greater demand on our lives.  For years, many of us have heard God’s Word, read God’s Word and confessed God’s Word.  However, we have not always acted on or applied  God’s Word to our lives and situations.

I believe 2016 will be one of the greatest years of my life; I am praying the same for you.  Let us not settle for anything less than God’s best! Let us start the year off right by making a list of all the things we need to change or improve.  This should include all promises not kept, all accounts not paid and any relationships that are not Godly.  Let us not become distracted in 2016 by the problems of 2015.

Moreover, let us ask the Lord to help us “Develop Disciples For Excellence,” that we can experience a renaissance of new spiritual development, new personal growth and an unprecedented growth in our congregation capacity to do ministry.  Just as Jesus, one by one and two by  two trained and developed “His” disciples for ministry, let us do no less!  God bless you as we go forth “In His Name, In His Power….to “Develop Disciples For Excellence!”

The Reverend Dr. Frank D. Tucker